Danube Youth Participation 2019-2021 (Danube Youth Network)

The project focus is about forming a transnational, trans-sectorial, self-organized youth network in the Danube region for participation, creativity and responsibility.

The two-year pilot project from June 2019 till June 2021 aims at the development of a core leadership team and a strategy (+governance structure) for an open and predominantly self-organized Danube Youth Network starting in 2021.

It will be implemented in the context of the EUSDR and is combined with practical activities and meeting along the Danube.

The two-year Danube Youth Participation project will be based on the already existing networking, concentrating on the two aspects: participation and co-creation, and it will be consequently used in order to create an open space for young people, who can find, discuss and work on their own issues and establish a “personal” governance model for “their” youth network.