Since Russia launched a full-scale military invasion into Ukraine on February 24, 2022, fighting has caused internal displacement for more than seven million people, according to the United Nations. Moreover, another five million Ukrainians had to flee to neighboring countries – the majority of which are part of the Danube Region: Moldova, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary.

Other EUSDR countries such as Czech Republic, Germany, Croatia, Bulgaria, Austria and Croatia are also actively involved into supporting the Ukrainian refugees. It is currently unknown how long the war would last and how many people will be forced to leave their homes.

Who we are

Since 2012 Social NGO Network promotes social dialogue, social inclusion, develops joint actions and partnerships in the Danube region, in order to improve public policies, participation and regional development. EUSDR Network Ukraine is a new coordinated initiative aims at bringing together NGOs from the Danube Region developing a network of coordinated solutions for displaced people and refugees from Ukraine.

Our goal

EUSDR Network Ukraine aims at consolidating and supporting civil society engagement for Ukraine and neighbouring countries in the Danube region.


  • connect the networkers: Structuring the interfaces for efficient actions and communication as well as to prevent duplication of activities and structures.
  • support the supporters: Helping civil society actors who are already active with aid transports, integration services and actions to support the people in Ukraine

What we do

Serve as a point of contact


Bring actors together
Prepare information in an understandable way

Provide contacts


Act as a guide and compass
Make expertise accessible

Support with financing


Assistance with funding programs

Regular exchange


Informal information sessions, open to the public
Involvement of project sponsors, government agencies

Consolidate and share knowledge


Consolidate experience gained from projects
and pass it on to relevant bodies

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Lean Coffee: Ukraine Netzwerk Zivilgesellschaft in Zoom

Every first Wednesday each month at 18:30 o'clock CET (in German or English, depending on the participants).

We start our next meeting on Wednesday, 06.09.2023. Come and join us!

Meeting ID: 270 275 1478

Passcode: Ukraine

The EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) and Ukraine

Danube region with 115 million people and 14 states from the Black Forest to the Black Sea

Baden-Württemberg has been involved in the Danube region since 2011, also by involving civil society.

Ukraine took over the presidency of the EUSDR for the first time in 2021/2022 with an ambitious programme, but due to invasion an interim mandate was taken by Slovakia and Slovenia

Contact us

Contact Person

Iryna Gumenchuk


Phone: +4917676868638