Federation of Social NGOs in Bulgaria

The Federation of Social NGOs in Bulgaria (FSSB) is a non-profit organization founded by 10 Bulgarian NGOs in 2011.
Their members are active in the social sector and in the non-formal education for more than 20 years, transferring know-how and working models from its partners from Germany, Austria and the Netherlands.

FSSB represents, supports, and inspires its members in their daily work with the most vulnerable members of society in the light of the European Christian tradition.

FSSB is actively working for social change in Bulgaria through professionalizing the social sector.  The Association’s main strategic goals are the introduction of the dual training and the enhancement of social innovations and entrepreneurship.

The dual training is realized through a licensed Center for Vocational Training “St. Methodius». Personnel are trained for the professions “social assistant” and “social worker”.

The Laboratory for Social Innovation promotes the development of entrepreneurship in the sector. Trainings, mentoring support and shared work space are offered.

For more information please click here www.fssb.bg


Martin Ivanov – president

“Creativity is thinking of something new. Innovation is the implementation of something new.” Paul Sloane