Federation of Social NGOs in Bulgaria

The Federation of Social NGOs in Bulgaria (FSSB) is a non-profit organization founded by 10 Bulgarian NGOs in 2011, which have more than 20 years of experience in the field of non-formal education, health and social services.

FSSB represents, supports, and inspires its members in their daily work with the most vulnerable members of society in the light of the European Christian tradition. FSSB is actively working for social change in Bulgaria, creating better environment in the social and educational field and applying experience and expertise of its German and Austrian partners, especially in the field of dual education. FSSB is not a political or religious organization and does not pursue any economic interests.

FSSB participates constructively in social and educational policy in networking and disseminating the know-how, expertise and experience of its members and partners publicly. Through cooperation and interactions with social and educational institutions in other European countries, FSSB has collected a vast amount of knowledge and experience in the education, health and social fields as well as set up reliable and trustworthy relationships and partnerships.

For more information please click here www.fssb.bg

Martin Ivanov – president

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