Breza NGO – Udruga Breza

„Breza” is a Croatian NGO in Osijek and a long term social service provider for more than 20 years in the beautiful Baranja region in Croatia, right next to the Danube.

Breza is well connected to the Civil Society EUSDR Network and Agapedia in Baden-Württemberg via Roman Schwenk and Heidi Winz who engage in a local NGO in Baden-Württemberg called Kinder brauchen Frieden, – “Children need peace”.

Ever since the first meeting within the Baden-Württemberg Foundation project „Donauwandel“ and „Jugend im Wandel“ (Danube Transition & Youth in Transition) in cooperation with the Agapedia teams along the Danube, a lot of kids and young people with more disadvantaged backgrounds were able to travel into a foreign country for the first time in their lives. Friendships were created, arts and sports were done togather and the local teams shared later how this kids were still talking for months about these international youth meetings.

It can be said that the heart ❤ of all the networkings and the power to never stop working on this Social NGO network has its foundation in these youth meetings from 2012-2016. 

Suzana Vargovic - Founder & Director of Breza


Roman Schwenk - Leader Team Croatia

Further Roman Schwenk and Heidi Winz, Kristina Babic and Suzana Vargovic and the whole Breza team have an entrepreneurial spirit. Roman is running his own business and together with Heidi they are doing all the charitable work as volunteers and thus deserve special praise here.