Youth in Transition (Jugend im Wandel)

The aim of Youth in Transition project was to promote transnational civic participation among young people within the framework of the European Union Strategy for the Danube Region during 2014 and 2016.

The project was a continuation of the DonauWandel initiative, carried out from 2012 to 2014, which involved organizing meetings and forums on topics in the fields of: youth, education, social, civic, involving institutions and organizations from the Danube countries: Germany, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova.

The project was based on working on three pillars of:

  • Intercultural youth meetings & exchange,
  • Competence development (employability, work-based learning and social entrepreneurship),
  • Intergenerational dialogue.

Danube in transition (DonauWandel Projekt)

The idea of the “Donauwandel 2013“ (Danube Transition 2013) was born in January 2012 and realized with local project partners along the Danube.

In the preparation meetings and the forums were discussed different topics, such as work with children and youth, arrangements for the professional qualification as dual educational model and social entrepreneurial approaches. The participants from the EUSDR-countries have moved to different locations to meet like-minded persons and to made first changes in searching and visiting innovative approaches in the Danube region.

In the context of the Donauwandel project were following events and forums were realized:

Preparatory meeting in Furtwangen (Black Forest), Ruse (BG) and Brasov (RO)

Forum 1 –in Ulm / Germany from 26th to 28th March 2013

Forum 2 – in Osijek / Croatia from 07th June to 09th June 2013

Forum 3 – in Novi Sad / Serbia from 1st to 03rd July 2013

Forum 4 –in Ruse / Bulgaria from 29th to 31th October 2013

Forum 5 –in Tulcea / Romania from 28th May to 01th June 2014

Final meeting in the context of the meeting “Danube perspectives” of the Baden-Württemberg Foundation on July 08tth and 09th 2014 in Ulm

In total, 216 participants took part in the Danube-transition-forums, 77 organizations (14 of which are recurring organizations, 9 site visits to the locations, 3 Youth meeting (Osijek, Ruse, Tulcea / Sulina) and the participation of the Danube-transition-participants in two EUSDR annual forums (Bucharest and Vienna).