Supernatural is environmental NGO based in Belgrade.

Established in 2007, we started as a festival that celebrates international Earth day, April 22. Supernatural festival promotes values of love and respect towards Mother Earth. It is a place where people get together in nature, listening to good music, tasting great food, while achieving quality environmental education through workshops and debates. The festival gathers thousands of citizens, environmental NGO and activists, academic institutions, celebrities and media.
In 2012 we started a project “From waste dump to park” revitalization of Ada Huja peninsula on Danube river. Since than, we managed to transform an illegal construction waste dump, into a forest with 1,000 trees, 37 species of plants, 91 kinds of birds, bees, butterflies.
This project was voted one of 25 best in Europe, for which we received an award in the EU parliament. The infrastructure of the park was set up with a green classroom for environmental education, birdwatching tower, glasshouse for plant cultivation, irrigation system, a wind generator, solar panels, recycling yard, numerous art sculptures, gardens and a beer bar.
Be activist:
We believe that the business sector needs to take a lead in solving current global environmental crisis. This is why we work closely with companies and brands. Together with our clients, through Be activist platform,  we create and implement projects and campaigns that are beneficial for the environment, communities and the business companies. “It is not about being the best in the world, but being best for the world” is a new paradigm. We posses the knowledge, skills and experience, to provide the brands and business with inspiring campaigns and green impact projects.
T-shirts for the planet:
We love t-shirts. It is a canvas through which we can express our imagination.
We want to use the T-shirts, as fund generator, for environmental projects, and as our green business.
1$ for each T-shirt sold, will be invested in green projects.

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Srdjan Stankovic

Srdjan Stankovic - founder