Friends of the Danube - Youth Camps

The Friends of the Danube Youth Camps project aims at developing a microfinance structure for organizing youth camps along the Danube. It is a meeting point of young people along the Danube river. The goal is to enable young people to practically implement their concerns in the field of sustainable development within the framework of the camps.

The project has two levels:

1) Concrete implementation of 15 small, medium and big camps with a final event in Belgrade in a bottom-up process. In this way, the topics of sustainability (17 UN Sustainable Development Goals) and concrete environmental problems (e.g. polluted banks, plastic in the river) are discussed with experts, possible solutions are jointly developed and concrete activities are carried out;

2) The project is also a pilot project for a microfinance approach, which is designed to enable young people to present their concerns and to actively participate in public life locally and transnationally through a simple application procedure via video pitching or 1-2 page application and simple reporting in the social media.