Federation of Social NGOs in Transylvania

The Federation of Social NGOs in Transylvania (FONT) was officially born in 2015, after 3 years of intensive working as an informal and support network of NGOs being in the field of social services.

In present, the Federation content NGOs from the central and north-western counties of Romania: Brasov, Cluj, Covasna, Hunedoara, Mures, Sibiu and Bihor.

Most of the members have more than 20 years of activity in providing complex and comprehensive social inclusion programs, educational and health care services, projects and activities.

The goal of the federation is to facilitate informational exchange and technical support to its members in order to become a social dialogue partner on national and European level, supporting the overall social inclusion objectives of the EU and Danube Strategy (EUSDR).

To achieve its goal, FONT members facilitate the public-private dialogue, including lobby and advocacy activities and annual events attended by representatives of public institutions and NGOs active in the social field.

FONT promotes and develops the cooperation between NGOs, public bodies, academic institutions and youth networks and resources in order to build trust and find common solution for social problems.

At the international level, the main Federation projects are:

  • to develop D-CareLab focused on innovation in the social field for new approaches and services and to improve cooperation between practice and science and to expand strategic thinking.
  • to forme a transnational, transsectoral, self-organized youth network in the Danube region for participation, creativity and responsibility.

The Federation of Social NGOs in Transylvania is member of Danube Civil Society Forum and Social Sans Frontière.

For more information please click here www.socialngonetwork.ro

Elena Micheu

Elena Micheu – president

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