AGAPEDIA Moldova Foundation

Agapedia Moldova was established in 2001 with the mission to improve the quality of life of children and families in difficulty, to contribute to the development of the child protection system and to create efficient social and medical services.
AGAPEDIA Foundation Moldova is member of the international network AGAPEDIA, together with AGAPEDIA Germany, AGAPEDIA Romania, AGAPEDIA Bulgaria and AGAPEDIA Georgia.
Agapedia Moldova provides the following services:

  • Placement center for children aged 0-3 years.
  • Supporting the Municipal House for Children for the provision of social services.
  • SocioMed project – center for medical and social assistance for the most vulnerable categories of people.
  •  “MobiMed” project (in collaboration with the Ministry of Health) through which medical services (pediatrics, gynecology and internal medicine) were offered for vulnerable and uninsured people in the rural area.
  • Socio-medical care at home implemented in 13 villages in Moldova.
  • Center for mother and children “Agapedia” – which offers care and support to families (in difficulty, with social and economic problems (unemployed parents, many children, low incomes, etc.), single-parent families without secure incomes and shelter, lonely mothers; mothers who are victims of domestic violence, mothers who grew up in orphanages)  and their children aged from 0.6 months to 3 years at risk of dropping out.

Agapedia Moldova Foundation  is member of the Informal Care Network in Moldova.

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