Danube Senior Experts

Danube Senior Experts are important actors in the Danube Region. The main goal of this project is to use the competence and experience of people who have left their professional life but who anyway promote specific relevant thematic areas and networking processes in the civil societies of the Danube countries using their expertise, knowledge and networks.

Project activities:

  • Professional support of working groups, associations and networks in Danube countries by senior experts for both internal development and for making progress on the civil society/municipal/state level in the sense of the D-LAP / PA10 of the EUSDR;
  • Further development of civil society participation (Agenda for Participation) in the Danube Region and the formation of a steering group for the Agenda for Participation Network;
  • Guidance and support of social innovation processes, e.g. alternative state-private cooperation models for a Danube Youth Agency;
  • Support of innovative communication strategies with EU institutions.